If you want to take your vacation rental property to the next level, you have to furnish your space thoughtfully and tastefully. A curated living space will really impress your guests and give a more upscale feel to the listing. Plus, a well-designed space looks better in photographs, so you’ll land more bookings!

Here’s how to style your vacation rental property to stand out from the crowd and please your guests.

Style Tips for Vacation Rentals

Durability Matters

When furniture is past its prime, it can be noisy, clunky, and just plain uncomfortable. And if it looks old and beat up, it can seem dirty or unhygienic, even if it’s completely clean! If you’re looking for repeat bookings and good reviews, you don’t want your guests thinking of your property as dirty and uncomfortable.

The best way to avoid this is by choosing durable furniture that was built to last. Choose strong materials like hardwoods and metals in sturdy designs that can stand up against wear and tear. If you invest in your furniture pieces now, they’ll last for years and years.

Crowd Pleasers, Please

Some rental homes cater to a very specific niche of people with strong aesthetic preferences. But the fact is that if you want to get the most bookings possible for your rental property, you need to have crowd pleasing decor that will appeal to a large number of people.

That means sticking to classic styles and designs, along with muted or neutral color palettes. Your goal is to provide a relaxing respite for your guests. They’re on vacation and want to relax in a beautiful setting, so opt for colors and styles that are attractive and unobtrusive.

Keep It Local

When decorating your rental property, it’s also important to consider the city, town, or state it’s located in. Renters may expect rentals in certain areas to have related decor themes. For instance, renters in Florida might expect a beachy decor theme, while people visiting the Poconos might be looking for a rustic and cozy vibe.

The Devil Is In The Details

The biggest mistake property owners make when decorating their vacation rentals is not paying attention to the details! It’s the little things that make the biggest difference. If you take the time to fully furnish the entire property, you’ll make a big impact on your guests.

Sometimes, it’s hard to put your finger on exactly what is missing from a room. Here’s a quick list of things to make sure to include in your rental property:

  • Rugs for hardwood floors
  • Art in every room
  • Curtains, shades, or blinds on every window
  • Books on the bookshelves
  • Knickknacks and baubles on shelves and mantles for extra pizazz
  • Somewhere for shoes and coats near the entrance.

Let There Be Light!

Lighting can make a huge difference in your vacation property’s appearance and comfort-level. You might think that your overhead lighting is sufficient, but it might not be! You should add lamps on tables near seating or next to beds so guests can have lighting to read or socialize by. Soft lighting can also help set a mellow mood for your guests who want to relax.

It’s also important to have good lighting in the kitchen and bathroom. Guests will want to be able to see what they’re doing while chopping with knives and cooking in the kitchen. And people who get ready in the bathroom will appreciate the extra light too.

Need Help With Your Vacation Property?

If you need help styling and managing your rental property, give us a call today! We can help boost your bookings and decrease your workload.