Not surprisingly, a global pandemic and national stay-at-home order has been very challenging for the travel industry, including vacation rentals. And even as states and countries begin to re-open after the initial phase of self-quarantine, vacation rental numbers are likely to be lower in the coming months.

That means earning bookings for your rental will be more competitive in the past. But don’t worry, because there’s one thing that will really set you apart from the crowd: a comprehensive cleaning routine for your vacation rental.

You see, even though COVID-19 is spread by person-to-person contact, renters are going to be especially concerned with hygiene and cleanliness. That means developing, deploying, and communicating a thorough cleaning process for your rental.

5 Vacation Rental Cleaning Tips After COVID-19

Whether you use contract cleaners or do it yourself, here are some good guidelines and tips for cleaning your property during COVID-19:

Have a checklist

Having a checklist is the best way to keep people accountable and maintain a record of what cleaning was done. It should have every task that needs to be completed, along with a place for the date and the initials of the cleaner. The more specific you can be about your cleaning requirements, the better. That way the cleaner knows exactly what you want, and the renter has peace of mind knowing what was done.

Responsible hygiene

It is very important that the cleaner practices good hygiene before and during cleaning your property–for both their own safety and the renter’s! They should wear personal protective equipment (PPE) if working with another person and follow CDC guidelines for handwashing.

Have the right products

Did you know that there’s a difference between cleaning and disinfecting? Disinfecting removes germs with chemical products like bleach or ammonia. Cleaning gets rid of dirt and dust. To kill germs, you should disinfect and then clean. Your cleaner should use CDC recommended disinfecting products to ensure that all guests stay happy and healthy.

Pay attention to high-touch areas.

Your cleaning process should pay extra attention to frequently touched surfaces like tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, toilets, faucets, sinks, and electronics. If you can wash rugs or flooring, do so. The bathroom and kitchen should also be cleaned especially thoroughly.

Leave supplies on the property

No matter how thorough your cleaning process, some guests will simply feel better when they have easy access to cleaning supplies on the property. It gives them peace of mind to know that things like antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, and antibacterial wipes are available if needed. Don’t forget to check stock levels after a guest leaves and restock when necessary.

Get More Bookings After Quarantine

Want to get more bookings after travel was impacted by COVID-19? The right property manager will boost your bookings–and your profits–all while taking the stress out of owning a vacation rental. Call or email us today to find out if we’re the right fit for you!

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